Lost in Motion Girl

I have come back again to where I belong; not an enchanted place, but the walls are strong.

~ Dorothy H. Rath

Happy New Year!!!

Ok, it has been a very long time since I posted anything. Would anyone believe the biggest reason for this is I couldn't find my quote book? I was getting ready to move around the time of the last post and the everything got bundled away into boxes and satchels. (Did I really just use the word satchel in a sentence?...Twice?) Moved into the new apartment and most every box got put into the second bedroom to wait for the moment that it would be unpacked. The problem with this being, there was not sufficient cabinet space, so a cabinet was bought and put together by yours truly ^_^ Then boxes started to get unpacked and low and behold the book was found, but school was in full session and even though it is slow season, work is hopping. Tonight, I only just re-found the book behind My Love's stash of energy drinks in said cabinet.

Let me catch everyone up. Finally decided on a course of action as far as school is concerned. I am doing Supervisory Management Program. I am going to overload myself this coming semester with a full course load of 15 credits on top of full time employment. Although I fully understand this is nothing new in the history of schooling, it is new to me so I am kind of dreading it. I lost my 4.0 last semester because of Accounting, but still got High Honors, major accomplishment for the math disinclined, such as myself.

I found my passion for work again. This may have been due to the fact we had holiday shut down and I had an entire week between Christmas and New Years to work on putting the apartment in a semblance of order that it has yet to achieve since the move. Or maybe the fact that my manager and myself are it for most of the slow season so I have to step up the game since we are technically "two men down"... technically.

I maintained most my writing goals last year. Broken Girl suffered, but I did submit at least one piece each quarter and collected a couple of new rejection letters.

I found the perfect wedding gown and now hope that I fit into it when the wedding actually happens. On the positive side, it will be paid for by the time of the wedding ^_^ I also have my bouquet made and that will hopefully stay assembled for the next two years.

So readers, I apologize for my absence. I will more than likely be back once school begins because the blog is a great way to procrastinate on homework and I'm good at that.

I hope everyone had a great New Years celebration and that life is going to be even better for 2011.


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